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Vultures of the Caucasus

The following are  illustrations included  in my 2005 field guide to Raptors and Owls of Georgia (Buneba Print) – which includes all the then-known diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey found in the nation of the Caucasus Region. The book was produced in collaboration with the Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife – a BirdLife International affiliate, and was coauthored by Lexo Gavashelishvili and Zura Javakhishvili. The gallery below also includes some of the sketches created in preparation for the guide during the fall of 2004. Only some of the book’s illustrations of vultures are shown here.


If you are interested in any of these works, either the originals or prints, please contact Rafael at GalvezBirds@gmail.com

Raptors and Owls of Georgia COVERRaptors and Owls of Georgia was the first comprehensive field guide to the birds of prey recorded in this mountainous country, describing 45 species including breeding birds, seasonal residents, migrants, and uncommon visitors.

The book is available for sale through the following distributors: NHBS (UK), Buteo Book (U.S.) and Amazon.

Vultures of Georgia-Caucasus

Some of these illustrations were also included in Lexo Gavashelishvili’s excellent book, Vultures of Georgia and the Caucasus (Buneba Print, 2005).